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Express Times letters relating to the Intercounty Paving Assoc. application for a variance to put in an Asphalt Plant in Alpha Borough:

1.   April 27, 2011  letter by Attorney Brian Tipton :

Asphalt plant is the issue

2.   April 29, 2011 letter by Louis Joseph Cartabona:

Residents right to question Alpha plan

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original letter before edited by the Express-times editor:

In my opinion, Brian Tipton is mis-leading the public. He represent's InterCounty Paving in their application for a variance to Alpha Land-Use Board. He's earning big bucks, trying to steer the public from the real issues, by engaging in a smear campaign of distortion and personal attacks. He has lost all credibility.

The real issues are numerous for residents of Alpha and Pohatcong. We question if we should have an asphalt plant be in our front yard! Is there going to be fugitive gas emissions that have carcinogenic poly-cyclic aromatic hydrocarbons? How many tons of pollution does a plant like this produce? What about ground water runoff? Is the truck traffic going to compete with school buses? What will happen to the Cooper's hawk and the other wildlife we enjoy? Are the elderly going to be exposed to the odors, pollution, noise, and dust? Is it esthetically acceptable to have two 80 foot storage silos on the highest land in the Borough? Will our home value decrease? Two elementary schools are located very close by, are our children safe?

Residents have a right to demand that any industry start up in our town will not impact our health. Protection against the wrong type of development in our industrial zone was done by creating specific limitations of what can be done. Public opinion is very supportive of our current Businesses that are located in the industrial zone. We would be happy to bring in more businesses that fit our zones profile, but Intercounty Paving is trying to have us throw aside our rules to fit their own needs Sign up, if you are attending the May 18th hearing at

Louis Joseph Cartabona
Alpha resident

3.  May 1, 2011 letter by Brent Mitzak, Inter-County Paving employee.

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Alpha plant would meet federal, state standards

Louis Cartabona (letter, Residents right to question Alpha plan, April 29) claims to have facts about asphalt plants. I was wondering when he received his degree as an asphalt expert. The answer is, he didn't. He is, however, witty enough to Google enough false information to start a campaign against very reputable New Jersey companies, Intercounty Paving and Florio, Perrucci, Steinhardt and Fader.

I am sure many people know Intercounty paved and constructed several roads in Alpha, and everyone, including seniors and children, survived. Do the good people of Alpha really believe they should follow this propaganda? Residents should be embarrassed by the misrepresentations regarding asphalt production.

It is ironic, no matter where you look, you see asphalt. It is in roadways, parking lots, driveways, school lots, recreation facilities, airports, farms and church lots. What Cartabona does not mention is that this facility would have to meet all federal and state environmental standards in regard to air, water and land quality.

I am certain Cartabona's comment about the Cooper's hawk was another tactic to cast doubt on our facility. I believe this Cooper's hawk roosts every night in a tree on the borough-owned quarry and municipal landfill site that has been provided a federal EPA Superfund number. Google that and see what issue the Cooper's hawk and the residents of Alpha should be concerned about!

by: Louis J. Cartabona
[points to consider]
  1. Please compare the two letters. You can see that Mr. Mitzak is going on Brian Tipton's (his bosses lawyer) game plan of personal attacks!
  2. My letter doesn't claim to present facts only the RIGHT TO QUESTION!
  3. Who is claiming a: "degree as an asphalt expert"?  Mr Mitzak doesn't know me and what schools or professional inclination I have, he just wants to invalidate my freedom of speech,  i.e. (if your not an "expert" don't speak about the subject). I can't seem to understand why Tipton, Mitzak and others think it is alright to suppress our first amendment rights!
  4. What witty false information is Mr Mitzak alleging is in my letter? I didn't mention Brian Tipton's law firm by name. My claim about him losing all credibility, is against his personal acts not against his associates.
  5. Mr Mitzak asks: "Do the good people of Alpha really believe they should follow this propaganda?" My answer to that is : "Do you the readers, feel the need to hear the answers to the questions many town residents are asking, then go to the May 18th meeting and make up your own mind!"
  6. I only mentioned what is relevant, that is our right to question whether we should do away with our own zoning rules just to accommodate Mr. Mitzak's employer and the few employees who would run the plant.
  7. Lastly, Mr. Mitzak own admission and profession of knowledge, of a Cooper's Hawk and its' close proximity to the site of the proposed Asphalt plant, further emphasizes my point about questioning what impact will this plant have on our wildlife!
  8. {end}

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