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Asphalt Plant Videos:

1.  This is an industry promo, but some aspects of the operation are notable: 
a.  They use recycled asphalt.  Since some road were paved with toxic fly ash here in New Jersey you can wonder if we will have toxic road materials dumped on the intercounty paving site and what would the risks be. (the article from Star Ledger June 21st., 1996 titled:  "Environmentalists fume as incinerator ash pavers strike in the dead of night ",  will be obtained and posted here in the future)
b.  You can readily see the awful looks to the site and also the noise.
c .  Mostly in the beginning of the video you can see even with the state of the art equipment, there are fugitive emissions while filling truck.  (check out the filling of truck in the video #2!)

It is evident that there will be much asphalt mixture exposed to the air while filling the trucks!

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2.  This one is even MORE evident of the stink that will emanate by fugitive air pollution.

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3.  Here is a news report of people who suffer from a recently built Asphalt plant:
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4.   FIRE AT ASPHALT PLANT:  What would you feel like living downwind of the toxic fumes you see in this video?
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5.   And this TERRIBLE Asphalt plant fire should concern us about the safety of all our first responders:
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6.  May 12th:  "100's gather to oppose Asphalt plant"

7.  May 12th:  Intercounty Paving's current asphalt plant operating on Long Island town of Hauppauge.  The NorthWardCivics Association person on the video alleges that they are not in compliance with NY State Department of Environments rules.  Whether that true or not is something that should be researched!

8.  May 12th.  A rotating drum asphalt plant.  I don't know if the intercounty's proposed plant is the same or similiar technology.  I do think this plant could be put into a totally enclosed building to capture the particulate matter and scrub the air of any escaped pollutants.  I wonder in the intercounty's proposal would be in a building?

9.  May 12th.  The author put another video of intercounty paving's plant as operating in 2010 on Long Island.
The author says some damning words about the lack of political will.  He says: "screw the American people" in relationship to his perceived lack of real control over the plants emissions!

10. May 12th.  "Citizens beat back asphalt plant" This vid has some good info how to mobilize and make a difference!